Marine Energy Wales Conference Report

Shout out to our environmentalists.

Recently we’ve been fortunate enough to work with the underappreciated sector of environmentalist and those dedicating their work to nature conservation in Pembrokeshire. Our contribution has been limited to design and print work but has provided us with an insight into the hard work the host of individuals, organisations and charities put into making Pembrokeshire such a special place.

Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum Printed Folders

Our seas play an enormous part in our daily lives and Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum are one of the companies working to protect the coast and marine environment. We’ve been lucky enough to work with them on several big design and print projects and were pleased to see one of our designs at a recent consultation event for the Welsh National Marine Plan, which PCF were facilitating.


Marine Energy Wales Conference Report

We designed and printed a branded folder to promote the many notable projects PCF have developed and implemented. We’ve also worked

with them designing event programmes, printing reports and very excitingly we designed a brochure for one of their headline projects – Marine Energy Wales. This brochure even made it all the way to the Ocean Energy Europe 2016 Conference & Exhibition in Brussels!

Pembrokeshire Sustainable Shellfish InitiativeBeing Pembrokeshire based it’s hardly surprising another organisation we do design and print work for is marine focused. The county is lucky enough to have a dedicated officer, Sue, looking after the Pembrokeshire Marine Special Area of Conservation who leads on projects such as the Pembrokeshire Sustainable Shellfish Initiative. Fab project working with the local potting fleet to improve fishing sustainability and we got to design the logo and branding for it. Check out this short video to see what it’s all about.

A little while back we had the opportunity to work with the National Trust, Pembrokeshire and Pembrokeshire Biodiversity Partnership (now Pembrokeshire Nature Partnership) on a great project on the Castlemartin peninsula. We designed and printed project reports for the launch event, summarising the great work the team had undertaken looking at connecting and defending our natural resources.

We’ve learnt a lot working on these projects and alongside the positive, committed individuals behind them. We are proud of being able to contribute to them in our small way and find ourselves carving out a specialist role in designing and printing for the environmental and marine sector.

If you are an environmental charity or organisation and are looking for a graphic design company to work with give us a call, we’d love to hear from you. Our experience working with charities, local authorities and grant funded organisations means we understand time and budget limitations better than most and adjust our working methods to suit you. We’re proud to play our part in the protection and enhancement of our natural environment and delivering sustainable and reasonably priced design, print, promotional and advertising materials is our way of helping.