BFD full vehicle wrap and vehicle graphics

Full vehicle wrap or vehicle graphics: which is right for my business?

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All of our blogs are written based on firsthand experience but this one really is hot off the press and we have the scars to prove it! We’ve just completed a full vehicle wrap of our beloved works van and finished it off with branded vehicle graphics. But whether you go in for a full wrap or vehicle graphics you’re making a smart decision and using your van or car as an advertising opportunity, to market your business and raise brand awareness.

What is a Full Vehicle Wrap?

To undertake a full vehicle wrap is not something for the fainthearted but Rob is 3M trained with several wraps under his belt so knows exactly what is involved. A full wrap allows you to customise any vehicle by changing the colour or material finish. This may be a solid colour vinyl (including matt or pearlescent) or a digital print with graphics, perfect for advertising your brand or product (think Sky vans).

     BFD Full Vehicle Wrap           BFD Vehicle Graphics

Pros and Cons of a Full Vehicle Wrap:

  • A full wrap will protect the manufacturer’s paintwork. The vinyl does not damage the vehicles paintwork and can be removed at any time to reveal the original finish.
  • The transformation is striking and the finished product will guarantee to grab people’s attention.
  • This is one of the most expensive customisations you can make to a vehicle. It is effective but expect the quote to reflect the man hours and cost of material.
  • The vehicle needs to be in relatively good condition as applying vinyl wraps over rusty or damaged panels may affect the final look.

What are Vehicle Graphics?

Vehicle graphics may be vinyl cut or digitally printed and applied to parts of the vehicle, without fully wrapping the vehicle. You may choose to have your logo and contact details or pictures of your work fitted on your vehicle. Vehicle graphics get compared to a mobile billboard so every time you’re out and about you are advertising..for free!

Dale Sailing Vehicle Graphics     Paul Cleaver Car Graphics

Pros and Cons of Vehicle Graphics:

  • Your vehicle now forms an important part of your branding and marketing campaign – a mobile billboard advertising your business and brand.
  • Can be designed to suit most budgets, much more affordable than a full wrap and a good graphic designer will take your budget into consideration when creating your vehicle graphics.
  • Flexibility to emblazon your vehicle or choose a more subtle vehicle graphic.
  • Easier than a full wrap to change details or rebrand.

Gwaun Stoves Van Graphics      Darrel John Car Graphics     

Your final decision will have a lot to do with what you want to achieve – marketing campaign, raising brand awareness or protecting the manufacturer’s paintwork; your budget; and the vehicle however the benefits of fitting graphics on your vehicle far outweigh any disadvantages and we can vouch for that!

We have a long history of full vehicle wraps and fitting vehicle graphics so can talk you through your options and likely costs. Give us a buzz to have a chat and in the meantime keep an eye out for the Blue Fin van!

Check out behind the scene of our VW T4 Transporter, the Big Rig as it is fondly known receiving a full make over using KPMF’s Matt Trenton Blue Cast VWS IV vinyl wrap; with gloss white vinyl and digitally printed gloss vehicle graphics BFD Full Vehicle Wrap and Graphics