National Trust, Pembrokeshire

Brief : Booklet design and printing

Project : In 2015 the National Trust in collaboration with Pembrokeshire County Council and Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority undertook a landscape scale project centred around the Castlemartin peninsula. The project was funded by the Welsh Government Nature Fund.

Blue Fin Designs were commissioned by the National Trust to design, produce and print the final conference report. The booklet needed to communicate a huge amount of text, data and maps yet be clear and corporate aimed at a target audience of government officials and technical specialists. The report also needed to be bi-lingual, Welsh and English, with two front pages (rather than a front and back) so it could be read either way up depending on language requirement.

As a finished product the design, layout and print quality was recognised by the Welsh Government as an outstanding example and shared across Wales as a standard to be emulated. To say we were chuffed is a bit of an understatement and we couldn’t have been prouder for our work to be recognised.